Kids & Beginner Boxing

The beginner boxing classes are open to everyone from 11 years and up. This class will teach the basics and fundamentals of boxing in a fun and simple way. The beginners class is the perfect way to develop self-defense skills while also getting a great workout. Beginners will learn to jump rope, hit the heavy bag, hit the speed and floor to ceiling bags and lots of mit drills.tuesday evenings class allways starts with 20 mins of strength & conditioning circuits consisting of running ladders & box jumps. watch your fitness go through the roof in only a few months and definately a fun class.



The adult boxing classes are open to all people with no age limits. Classes teach the fundamentals of boxing and consist of jump rope, shadow boxing, punches, heavy bag work, speed bag, abs and mitt work with advanced boxing drills.Take this class to advance your skills to the next level. if you cant make it to the 5;oopm class please stop in to the adult class.


Strength & conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning class combines a fun and exciting mix of weight lifting and circuit training. A quick warm up and then we get right to the action! Our NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine) certified coach Berzerker Brycen doesnโ€™t let the class stay stagnant, so each week we mix up our workouts to maximize the benefits of our class.



For 6 to 11 year olds the Little Monsters Classes are designed to teach your kids the fundamentals of boxing and how to work out. The monsters learn how to shadow box, throw combinations,hit the heavy bag, jump rope, do box jumps, run ladders and even controlled sparring wearing full head gear with NO head shots all while having so much fun. Our excellent coaches help the kids build confidence, learn self-control, and build valuable self-defense skills.



This is not a cardio kickboxing class. You will be punching and kicking the heavy bags as well as each other but dont be scared no one gets hurt. The classes mostly consist of kicking drills with a partner holding a pad. Fun class that gets the whole dy moving.


Open boxing gym

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