Martin “Coach” Gillit


Martin eventually moved to the Coventry Triumph ABC, which is one of the best amateur gyms in England. In fact, some of his fellow teammates went onto have successful professional careers. Martin boxed briefly in Sweden and had his last fight in California in 1993.

Martin made the switch from boxing to training fighters back in 1996 and ran the Boxing Teams for a few notable gyms such as House Of Champions and Elite MMA.

He has always been involved in fight sports and currently works for CAMO and CSAC as an Athletic Inspector. A few highlights of his Inspector career have been walking out Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Fedor.

He is also currently a Jui Jitsu two stripe blue belt under Professor Neto Gomes of Paragon Agoura Hills. Martin is available for private boxing, kickboxing and group lessons.

Amateur/Professional Record:

  • Amateur: 8-3

  • 1 KO