Martin Gillitt

Martin started boxing in England at 18 for Nuneaton Boys Club and then The Triumph Standard in Coventry England. He has been extremely passionate about the sport ever since. Martin founded Agoura Boxing and opened the gym in 2009.


Tricky Ricky

More information coming soon.


Lindsay Mancini

Lindsay has been with Agoura Boxing since 2010. He teaches the Beginner class at 5pm every Wednesday in addition to single private sessions. He has a background in boxing, as well as kickboxing, and competed as a Master Boxer as recently as 2015.


Henry VegA

Henry has been boxing for 18 years and been with Agoura Boxing since 2010. Henry teaches our Beginner Boxing class on Monday and Thursday nights. Henry has an extensive background in boxing and specializes with the speed bag, and mitt work.


Coach Dylan

More information coming soon.


Julian “Jekyll & Hyde” Baez

Julian has been with Agoura Boxing since 2015. He teaches both boxing and kick boxing. In addition, Julian teaches private MMA sessions.