Martin “Coach” Gillett

Gym founder and owner Martin “Coach” Gillitt started boxing in England at the age of 18 at the Nuneaton Boys Club.


Tricky Ricky

"Tricky Ricky" or "Ricky The Bulldozer” has been boxing since he was 12 yrs old and has a wealth of experience.


Lindsay Mancini

Lindsay started boxing in 2002 and has started coaching at Agoura Boxing in 2012.


Henry VegA

Henry has been boxing since the age of 17 and been with Agoura Boxing since it first opened.


Coach Dylan

Dylon started boxing two years ago and had his first USA Boxing amateur bout after only seven months of training.


Julian “Jekyll & Hyde” Baez

Julian has been with Agoura Boxing since 2015 and currently teaches boxing and kickboxing classes.