About Our Gym

Agoura Boxing is a family-orientated gym with a fun and friendly environment that breeds self-confidence, self-respect, and a healthy lifestyle. Every coach is an active or ex amateur or professional fighter in one discipline or another. With members ranging from age 5 to 70, the gym is open to anyone and everyone who is eager to train.

Agoura Boxing Gym, in its latest form, has been around since 2011. Before that, Agoura Boxing operated out of the well-known Rollerdome in Thousand Oaks under the name of Thousand Oaks Boxing. With great success, the gym relocated to Agoura Hills and opened for training under its new name, Agoura Boxing.

In 2014, Agoura Boxing owner, Martin Gillitt, recruited Street Sports Timmy Bond, 2nd degree black belt, to start the gym’s current Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program. Since then, members of all ages, skill levels, and interest have been improving their ability and health through both our boxing and BJJ classes.

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Agoura Boxing Gym Martin Gillitt and Timmy BondAgoura Boxing Gym Coach Wearing Boxing Shirt